I have a lot of dear friends from when I used to go to church. To save you time, I won’t talk about religion or my views on it, but I was reading what one of them said recently, and I was awestruck by the power behind the words they used.    I guess I […]

What do I want to do with my life?

This question is becoming the bane of my existence. You will more than likely get a different response based on who you speak with, but what I am finding is that overall you will get  the same general response: “What makes you happy?” That answer, I would wager, is the problem to my question. A […]

Butterbeer cupcakes

A few things: My life has been hectic. I do have a list, its not finished, but I felt that it deserved more time than I was giving it…I’m also lying and I’m just a slacker. I have a list, its not finished, but its because I started it and was distracted. I went home, […]

Resolutions of Ice Cream

My boyfriend has finally figured out the key to my happiness, simply put, Ice Cream. I claim that I am not a fan, but deep down inside it is my favorite comfort food. #1: I never feel guilty after eating ice cream (mostly because it isn’t greasy, so I don’t feel dirty) #2: It makes […]

Friends in unlikely places

You learn a lot about yourself when you move, and change your life completely. One of the things you really start to learn, is which friends you have that actually take an active interest in your life. If you ever brave the change, I promise you will be surprised at the results. I am very […]