I have a lot of dear friends from when I used to go to church. To save you time, I won’t talk about religion or my views on it, but I was reading what one of them said recently, and I was awestruck by the power behind the words they used. 


I guess I forgot what it was like to “claim” things over my life, favor, blessings, honor. These words are not as shallow as most mainstream christians appear to be. It was refreshing to actually “hear” what she was saying, because it reminded me what principles Jesus was teaching, and what can be found as a common thread in a lot of faiths. 


Sometimes, I really hate who I was, because I judged and I was angry. To hell with anyone who follows a faith and thinks they don’t do the same. All religions are flawed, but there are some incredible redeeming factors behind many of them. 


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