A $3 Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Although to the average mind, $3 doesn’t seem outrageous. I want you to think about the trade off though…ONE COOKIE!


I had figured, it was either outrageous, or really, really worth it. Lucky for me, it was the latter.


The cookie was warm, soft, with a little bit of crisp to it. I had my choices of milk (I went with 2% although I wanted whole milk).

I have to admit, it really is the most delicious cookie I’ve ordered from somewhere in a long time.


If you’d like your own little bite of happiness, Go to The Market in Santa Monica.

3rd Floor
395 Santa Monica Place
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Aurelie – The Cookie Guru


3 thoughts on “A $3 Chocolate Chip Cookie.

  1. You really must stop writing about yummy food that I can’t fly out to California to eat. 😀

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