Resolutions of Ice Cream

My boyfriend has finally figured out the key to my happiness, simply put, Ice Cream.

I claim that I am not a fan, but deep down inside it is my favorite comfort food.

#1: I never feel guilty after eating ice cream (mostly because it isn’t greasy, so I don’t feel dirty)

#2: It makes my aching stomach feel better

#3: Do I really need a number three to tell you that ice cream is awesome?

Now I am not a flavor person, he has also learned that I like bland. Saltines, Sprite, Vanilla ice cream, plain milk, slices of white bread…or really any bread…you hopefully get the idea. The flavor has less to do with anything, its more about the texture.

“What is her point?” You may ask, as you tap your foot aggressively.

I understand, you are angry….I left your for MONTHS with no contact, not even a hello! I am the worst blogger ever. But I return to tell happy and sad stories.

I don’t have a point. But I do have a commitment, I want to set goals, and accomplish them. I have seen these lists floating around the internet of things other people want to accomplish. I am going to make my own list, of undecided length, and I will update my blog later this week. If you are reading, its really hard for me to hold myself accountable for things, please feel free to chime in and ask how my list is going, I would be happy to cross things off as they go.

#1: Post my list of goals by Saturday May 21st @ 11:59PM (eep! The end of the world! I hope the internet will still work!!)


2 thoughts on “Resolutions of Ice Cream

  1. Lists ARE pretty wonderful. They inspire me to do more, but then they also discourage me if I feel I haven’t accomplished ENOUGH. Be cautious with these tricky little numerical devices!

    YAY for ice cream!

    I should pay more attention to Facebook. Then I would possibly know more about what’s going on with you. I just hope you’re happy, lady! 🙂

  2. Erin, you are the sweetest person. I keep trying to write more, that should be on my list! I am doing much better, and in pursuit of something that will make me happier then what I am currently doing. We shall see. I hope you are also doing well and are happy!

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