Friends in unlikely places

You learn a lot about yourself when you move, and change your life completely. One of the things you really start to learn, is which friends you have that actually take an active interest in your life. If you ever brave the change, I promise you will be surprised at the results.

I am very grateful for the people I have in my life. I’m going to eloquently leave it at that. So, if you have been there to lend an ear, eat creme brulee with me, listen to me cry, or send me shiny bunnies….I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am humbled by how loving the people I know can be.

Forgive me if I am emotional, today has been a long, and tiring day. If you could see me now, I have a lot of mascara on my face.

I should update you on my job search, as it has currently come to a hiatus. I accepted a job offer with a studio, and am one of their tour guides. Today was my first day of training, which explains why I am so tired!

It was nice to socialize, I can see it taking me a few weeks to get back into the swing of working, but I think in the long run this job is going to lead to bigger and better things.

Chris and I accomplished a goal of ours, we saw snow and went to the beach in the same weekend. Actually, we did better than just see snow, we were snowed on! It was so wonderful, I had this enormous grin on my face the whole time. I think it made me really happy to see him happy.

We drove out to the mountains, it took us about an hour and as we ascended the mountain, signs indicated that the top might be closed due to weather. Nevertheless we pushed forward in hopes that things had cleared up, only to find that the top was indeed closed. Chris seemed pretty bummed out, so we pulled the car over and walked around this little river for a while. He snapped photos, I threw large rocks into the water and complained that it was starting to rain. Thats when it happened, the rain wasn’t rain anymore, it was snow! Glorious, beautiful snow. In my head I was so happy we saw what we drove all the way up here to see after all.

It was the most glorious weekend.


I have studying to do, and words to write that are not as happy as these. I am going to push through and carry on.


3 thoughts on “Friends in unlikely places

  1. Oh my gosh, your snow adventure sounds like some sort of magical movie scenario! 😀 I’m a little bit jealous! Things like that, the moments that end up going not at all like you’d planned, but that turn out somehow better than you imagined… Those moments are the best.

    I can’t remember if I congratulated you on the new gig or not, so here’s a big one: CONGRATULATIONS! Tour guiding again will be excellent for you, because you’re so ridiculously good at it.

    I do want to say briefly that I’m sorry to hear there are still not-so-happy things bothering you. If you ever wanna text/talk, don’t hesitate. But I get that sometimes these are things you just need to work through on your own, and I wish you lots of strength for that!

    Hey, random question: have you looked into The Fiction Project at all? I’ve been eyeballing that for about a month and think I might sign up for it, since I had so much fun with the Sketchbook version.
    (You’ve created a monster, lady!)

    Miss ya and hope your March days have brought some peace of mind! Hugs!

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