Captain Ahab of the Kitchen!

Ok, really that just relates to the MOST adorable measuring cups you will ever look at….EVER.

I’m in pain….so cute…..

Since you can’t really see, the whale itself, is 1 cup. I thought it was just a little whale container at first, then Chris noticed the measuring cups that went inside. I almost passed out.

Best part is, it was on SUPER sale and cost me $2.99. ❤ To be honest its because there was a teensy little chip in the paint, but its no big, I love my whale.

Your local Urban Outfitters may still have one for you to adopt. These were in bits and pieces at the Burbank UO.

A trip to Burbank on Saturday morning meant one great thing: Farmer’s Market. So we went crazy with the tangerines, strawberries, and MEYER LEMONS! They were pretty nice looking, and four for a dollar, so I got some and am prepared for baking tomorrow. Lemon Curd and Macaroons ❤ yum yum yum. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.


Last but not least is Galco’s Soda. We picked up some new sodas to try. I am really looking forward to trying them!



5 thoughts on “Captain Ahab of the Kitchen!

  1. I ❤ sales at UO. I got an $80 art print for $5 once. It was ridiculous. Not as good as the earrings I got for 5 cents, but still good.

    The measuring cups are super cute!

  2. Stephaniegoo. That whale is ridiculous amounts of adorable. Also, reading about your endeavors toward and love of baking make me feel like the most inferior female on the planet. It occurs to me that without prepackaged and/or canned microwaveable processed foods and clementines, I’d probably have nothing to eat.

    Also also, I miss your shiny face and hope Cali is treating you wonderfully! 🙂

  3. You shouldn’t feel inferior! There is legitimately something wrong with me. I was on a quest for a while to make my own lasagne, which meant I was going to make homemade noodles, sauce, and then I got crazy and wanted to figure out how to make the cheese too!

    I am not above eating processed foods either…I think I am just curious.

    I miss your happiness.

    • I won’t argue whether or not there’s something wrong with you, but I will say I’ve recently come to the conclusion that there is something “wrong” with all of us, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. But I don’t think your curiosity toward food and making it ever-more-excellent is wrong. If you do figure out how to make SUPER-homemade lasagna, please invite me over? I love me some good Italian carbs.

      I miss your happiness, too. Insert semi-childish internet hugs here: *HUGS!!!*

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