Mountain Vs. Me

Chris has presented me with a challenge.


I am, to be frank, TERRIFIED. I don’t’ do heights. The last mountain I climbed with him I thought would be the end of it. I love the feeling, the rush of getting to the top, but not of looking down.

Again, I DON’T do heights.

I also find it difficult to say no to such an amazing trip. Hiking Yosemite might be just what I need in a emotional and spiritual sense….but I get nervous at 1,000ft. above sea level. I can’t even fathom 6,500ft.

For all you critics out there, lets keep in mind that I have lived at sea level my entire life, and haven’t spent a lot of time otherwise.

But a challenge it is. I am trying to figure out how I am going to train my body and mind, and there is a 400 foot hill around the corner from where I live that has my name on it.

I have to have faith in myself, and as terrified as I am, I have to do this. It isn’t for bragging rights, its for myself.


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