and now for something completely different…

I BAKED! horray! It was wonderful too, I had these bananas sitting on the counter looking at me, weeping, begging for me to make banana bread…then one day BAM! Two fresh loaves are being consumed by myself and the only other two people I know in LA.




Chris dragged me on a hike yesterday, again. I cried. I get so bummed out, but the fact that I get up and keep trying is almost inspirational…..right?


So the hike, Culver City Park, around sunset. It was really nice, I might go out there while he is at work and make that my workout. Since the gym won’t answer my emails, and I can’t call the lady. *grumble*


We had a vegan dinner last night, with not so vegan dessert. Artichokes (my favorite food on earth), a three bean salad marinated in a vinegarette (thank you Trader Joe’s), and Chips and Salsa!


followed by mint chocolate chip ice cream :3


I have been frequenting the UCB theater a lot, mostly because my friend is taking classes there and watches shows for class. Today is her graduation show, and I am hoping it doesn’t mean its the last time I go to watch! Its a good time, and makes me laugh…excessively.


Chris is going to help me clean today, before we go to the theater for my friend’s show. This includes a trip to the laundry which I found out I really enjoy! So I leave you with this:



One thought on “and now for something completely different…

  1. Princess! Thanks for coming to my show yesterday!
    I’m always down to see a show at UCB, so let’s plan to see another one this week! 🙂

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