I live in Los Angeles….

L.A. is by far not the challenging part of that statement, its the “live” word. *gulp*

I feel that it will settle in that this is a long term situation, when I find a job, which is still an active search. I applied for a few, including one at a culinary store that I am REALLY crossing my fingers for. We will see.

In the mean time I am a loser and I googled “How to make friends in new cities”


It recommended volunteering! Which I fully support, why not give back to my new community! So I have set out on the hunt for volunteering opportunities. Volunteer Match was a great resource. But I think I am doing this all wrong, the only one I signed up for was to bake cakes for Meals for Wheels…which isn’t a social option. BUT I GET TO BAKE BIRTHDAY CAKES! Especially since they are for people who don’t normally get a birthday cake.

That makes me happy.

Settling in to a new apartment is a challenge as well, especially since we are taking our time to find the bits and pieces of furniture. But it will all come, in due time.

Totoro is happy though, and I will leave you with pictures of her being a cat. :3



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