I know, I know…

Dear Nonexistant Reader,


I am sorry I have disappeared for so long. I make a vow to write with more frequency.





I took a cycling class today. I never understood why in movies women talked about how much they hated their spinning instructors, or why people put themselves through all of that nonsense. Then I realized that I am highly uncomfortable with my body image, and that needs to change.


So amidst school, working and taking on new responsibilities at my job, as well as gearing up for the big move, I am going to lose 60 pounds.


You read correctly.


60 el bee esses (lbs)


I know that is a big task, but the way that I look at it, I don’t really have any rush. There are no fancy events I need to attend, nothing spectacular that I need to impress anyone with, this is just me…and that damn cycling instructor. The best part of the class is that he pretended to be my friend, he came over and helped me set up my bike, gave me some tips, and then destroyed my soul.


what a sweetheart.


but you know what, I am going to look like that skinny bitch at the front of my class if it kills me.


I think the best part is that I met the nicest girl in the class. She was a senior in high school, and we were talking because she could tell I was really nervous. She said I seemed like I would be fine, because I “looked like [I was] in good shape” (nicest girl ever) She also said that she thought I was a senior in high school as well.

Gym girl=My new best friend.


I encouraged her to apply to Harvard, because she said she was afraid they would say no. I told her it is my biggest regret that I never even tried, and the worst they could do is send a rejection letter.


I hope she does. She was nice.


OK, Astronomy hw is calling me. Night loves.


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