Should be working…

I should be doing homework. Or something productive. But the group just left from watching Glee (which I, of course, enjoyed) and I really am staring down a stack of video games.

My friend Aaron gifted me his old versions of Halo because they were just collecting dust and he said he couldn’t sell them. I also need to fire up the old Animal Crossing and make sure I didn’t burn any bridges while I was gone. Those damn animals are so picky.

I sorted through some things that were bugging me. Most of them have to do with someone else’s personal issues, so I won’t throw their dirty laundry everywhere. It has made me realize though, that sometimes, really good things happen, and you can’t tell anyone why exactly you are so giddy. Like, the backstory, to explain why the event is so positive, would be so much more negative, that its not worth explaining.

Does that make sense?

Maybe not…

well, I am off to be a slacker. G’night loves.


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