Hippocrates and Hypocrites

I am officially not a fan of my Mythology course. I am, at the moment, an online student. I have one semester to finish my AA then I can continue on to figure out what I really want to do in life.

My Myth Prof. is really useless, and very condescending. She also likes WOW (World of Warcraft), which is not really encouragement for me to be an enormous fan of hers to begin with.

Regardless, we are studying creation stories of different cultures. Something I have always found interesting is how similar the basic layout of every creation and messianic story is. One of my new found similarities is how the Greeks explained their misogynistic tendencies towards women, with the story of Pandora. I never realized, but that really is the same purpose of the Original Sin story from the bible.


So I have decided, because I am easily distracted and misogynist Christians make me think of my old church, that I am in search of a place of worship, where people don’t dress up like Jesus.

I mean that statement in a few ways.

#1: Literally, I think that church plays are always poorly done and Jesus always ends up being the Anglo-Saxon variation, when common knowledge would say that he was indeed from BETHLEHEM, in Israel……*cough, cough, Middle Eastern, cough*

#2: Figuratively. People in church, from my experience, love to put on a mask of being “perfect”. To be honest I developed a very big Jesus Complex for years, and therapy is trying to help me get through it right now.

So…I will search for this magical place. But I doubt I will find it. Not being pessimistic, just realistic. Its what religion does to people.

Bad theater, and heavy masks.


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