All my trades


Public Speaking


Playing the: Oboe, Bass Guitar, Ukulele



Video Editing

Customer Service (I should mention I am excellent at speaking to people)

Ex-Church addict (Surely this will be explained later)


Oyster Shucking (never again)


Listening/Rationalizing how someone else’s situation is going to be ok.

My Challenges:

Staying awake

Staying focused (I have two papers due in a few days)

Keeping it together emotionally (But I am talking to someone, so that is good)


Drawing (It runs in my family, and apparently skipped me…whatevs)

Taking myself seriously

Eating healthy

Staying calm

I am not saying I am terrible, or awesome at any of these things, I am just saying they lean on one side of the scale of the other.

I went to the store today, purchased only fruits and vegetables. Although the chicken was staring at me.

I get sick….often…so I am deciding to change some aspects of my life in private. Well, not private, because you…whoever you are…will know. But I find that if I openly admit that I am going on a diet, people question me, which makes me eventually fail.

So here goes!

But I just got back from Hong Kong, and I lost 7lbs! So on a side note here are some lovely photos:

Gold Coast, HK

Kowloon, HK

The Bird Market, Kowloon, HK


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